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PreSize® Neurovascular Advanced AI Technology Supporting Life-Saving Surgical Decisions

Our advanced AI technology supports clinicians in making life-saving surgical decisions.


highest validated accuracy in device deployment simulation


to rehearse a case on PreSize® in real-time


shorter devices selected using PreSize® vs. without

UK Hospitals

participating in the PreSize® Neurovascular clinical impact trial ...and counting

Our mission is to provide clinicians with the powerful technology they need to make life-saving decisions and offer every patient the highest standards of care.


Our vision is to create a world where successful surgery is the norm, not the exception.

PreSize® Neurovascular

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The appeal about PreSize® is that simulation of implants will play a critical role in future clinical care and trials. Study results demonstrate there is a high degree of validation and reliability in how PreSize® predicts the implant.

Prof. Ansaar Rai
Chairman of Department of Neuroradiology at West Virginia University, USA

It’s great to see an AI solution tailored to decrease pre-operative stress and improve care - I’m looking forward to participating in the prospective study that will see the use of PreSize® software in our practice and evaluate its impact.

Prof. Tufail Patankar
Consultant Interventional Neuroradiology at Leeds Teaching Hospital, UK

Oxford Heartbeat has demonstrated openness and engagement with the INR community and wants to engage in medical research, which you can see from their prospective UK multicentre study.

Dr. Jonathan Downer
Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist at Department of Clinical Neurosciences Edinburgh, UK

Oxford Heartbeat clearly articulated a unique, commercially viable approach to an unmet health need. Crucially, it was also apparent that the company had strong visionary leadership and a diverse team with the skills and expertise to deliver a successful project.

Dr. Michael Kipping
Innovation Lead of Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst, UK

1 in 5 of all device deployment surgeries
are currently unsuccessful.
Let us change that!