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highest validated accuracy in device deployment simulation


Import patient scans

Import patient imaging files into the PreSize® Neurovascular software. PreSize® automatically creates an accurate 3D model of the patient’s vessel tree and centerline to explore.


Select optimal positioning

PreSize® calculates and visualises a best-fit virtual device size for the optimal selected position in the specific anatomy, based on the instructions for use of the physical devices.  


Rehearse alternative scenarios

Compare different device makes and sizes, interacting with the 3D model in real-time. Virtual rehearsal is complete when satisfied with the dimensions and placement of the implant. The actual procedure can then begin. 


PreSize's® segmentation has worked very well. There's a branch coming out from the aneurysm sac that at first glance you could have thought was over incorporated, but was in fact the true anatomy. PreSize® can cope with complex cases and is very straightforward to use.

Dr. Jonathan Downer
Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist at Department of Clinical Neurosciences Edinburgh

PreSize® immediately attracted my attention; I realised how this groundbreaking technology could reduce risk and provide benefits for patients like me. The technology allows me to ‘visualise’ the proposed intervention and participate in the decisions and choices about what matters most to me.  It personalises my care by offering a visual tool to facilitate discussion about the risks, benefits and options with my clinician.

Trevor Fernandes
Oxford Heartbeat PPI Member
Reliably visualise patient anatomy
PreSize® calculates intensity threshold value and reconstructs a patient's blood vessel anatomy with a validated precision rate of >99%
Waste no time with centerline extraction
PreSize® automatically calculates and visualises the centerline along which the device is deployed with a validated accuracy of >98%
Find a best-fit implant automatically
PreSize® takes into account each device’s complex mechanical behaviour and instructions for use to calculate and visualise a best-fit size for your optimal positioning with a validated accuracy of 96%
Compare and rehearse
PreSize® offers a range of available devices to choose from its virtual library, all validated at the same high level of accuracy
Operate easily and intuitively
PreSize® has been designed and tested with end operators to provide an easy and intuitive user experience that will not add stress to the high-stakes of brain surgery
Enhance efficiency and reduce waste
With PreSize's® reliable and validated automation in simulating implant deployment, optimal device size selection can lead to more efficient, less wasteful and ultimately safer surgeries
The Science

Behind PreSize®

Biomechanical modelling
Realistic behaviour of virtual implant models using the mechanical properties and dimensions of the physical devices with validated accuracy 
Advanced image processing 
AI-powered algorithms for automatic segmentation and extraction of accurate blood vessel morphologies from routinely acquired patient scans  
Data-driven decision making
AI-powered decision support in selecting the best-fit device sizes given the selected positioning in the blood vessel
3D visualisation and real-time interactivity
Instantaneous manipulation of resulting device deployment simulation to support clinical decision-making 

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